Social Media is a collective of different online platforms where people, communicate, share, interact, collaborate, post, etc. In India itself, an average person uses social media for 2 hours and 20 minutes on a daily base. We always tend to think of just top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc while it is not limited to these but also includes other platforms like forums, directories, social bookmarking, image sharing, and many more.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) in simple words is promoting your brand or product through different social media platforms. Today SMM is one of the most powerful ways for businesses, brands or products to reach prospects and their target customers. Here companies and brands do not always want sales but also create awareness, discussion and interest through social media as your customers are present on these platforms. Here are a few reasons why you should prioritize Social Media Marketing with an expert.

Your customers are on social media:

It can be small, medium or big business, there is a major chance that their target customers or actual customers are present on social media platforms. As per a few statistics, 326 million Indians are present on one or more social media platforms. By 2023 the number of Indian social media users will be reaching 450 million. This presence creates an opportunity to reach and influence them to go for your products, get involved and much more. Here regular talks create a sense of loyalty and dependency towards the brand which every brand tries to create. Considering brands like Netflix, Zomato, Durex, Amul have a unique presence on social media. They create interesting, trendy content that creates engagement, discussion in the target customer’s itself.

Increases Brand Recognition:

Social Media Experts work on its marketing that spreads a positive image by portraying the best of brand and products. Thus through likes, shares, follows and discussions more people get to see the brand, know about it and its products and services. Over here it creates the benefit of the second choice. Considering if the person does not get his or her regular brand’s product the next preference would be yours and if your pricing is better comparitively then even its first brand’s product presence your product could be preferred.

Social Media Expert targets platforms according to target customers:

Social Media users present actively on different platforms do have different interests and preferences. An expert strategically targets audiences based on the channels that your brand is present plans the posts, content pattern, timing, and every other thing. Considerably Fashion would always work on Facebook and Instagram. Professional tools or professional products would have perfect marketing on linked. After deciding the platform the age group, gender, location, time interval, such important things need to be decided after research and evaluation. More relevant the audience you reach, the more you have growth in your business with better conversion.

The Competitor is on Social Media:

Today rather it is India or the USA majority of the population is present on social platforms. Considerably your competitor brand which somewhere is superior to your brand is present on social media with a good number of engaging loyal followers. An expert is therefore required to strategize accordingly to compete and grow to be seen as a better brand to attract the target customers and drive their interest to your brand and products.

Higher Conversion Rates on Social Media Marketing:

Hubspot reports says that social media has 2 times leads or increase in awareness or sales than any other outbound marketing. This is because the cost of one outbound marketing campaign is much higher than a month’s social media campaign. Also, here the target customers are in touch and can be communicated on their preferred time and being in personal touch from brands create a better impression. The more target customers are communicating, the more they become loyal to the brand. A social media expert keeps the customers updated and responds to individual messages and questions which creates a difference.

Tracking and Measurement:

An expert or manager is not only a person who gets your audience and sales but also who keeps track of every aspect of social media performance and provides the brand with a detailed report of achievements, growth and if any fall than the reason for that too. The report helps the brand or owner to strategize strategy ahead accordingly.


Here mentioned 6 reasons are just a brief for the requirement of social media experts. If you are a brand or business owner or head, you should definitely hire digital marketing services focusing on the target clients and growth of your business with the best strategies on perfect platforms according to your brand and products or services. Also, know How are SEO, SMM and PPC beneficial for a business.

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