Digital Marketing is very vast to dig in, learn, explore and master everything. You cannot know what will help your business or brand best until you work on it or know about it from experts. Considering SEO and PPC, both are two very important sectors of digital marketing that help a brand, business to grow, get traffic and generate sales while creating a sustainable position in the market.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a long term process that is worked on to rank in search engines for genuine relatable keywords or keyphrases and get the best audience or traffic. This is important for any website to sustain in the market for a long time, to be talked about, get a perfect audience who can be profitable in terms of sales or whatever the brand might have targeted.

This is the reason in the past few years every small to big brand and company website has been focusing to grow with search engine optimization. Here the add ons in working on SEO are Google Algorithm updates where it updates the terms of ranking time to time. These alter the ranking results and chase keeps ongoing with the new updates.

Some Important Benefits of SEO:

  1. Traffic: Proper SEO takes time to rank on good search volume keywords but get relevant traffic from good sources with links and rankings.
  2. Credible and Trustworthy: Working on proper SEO which turns organic traffic to your website which is a credible audience looking for your products or services. Most of the users skip ads and trust the organic results having more faith in organic results.
  3. Awareness: When your website ranks for your targeted keywords drives the generic convertible traffic of target customers which leads to growth in terms of sales and whatever your task is.
  4. Cost: SEO is nor quick nor cheap to work on but the organic and effective traffic diversion creates the value for it.
  5. Branding: Resulting in top search results for your product-related keywords adds on a positive impression on your target customers. This works as branding in itself and creating goodwill in the market through the digital medium.


What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of advertisement channel where the promoter works on Search Engine Marketing and the advertisers pay search engines to allow the listing on top results for a time period or as per the clicks.

Here the advertisers are allowed to bid for ad placements in search engines for sponsored posts. These are the ads that you see in search engines before actual search results with a tag of AD on the left of the result. In PPC or paid ads, we also see adds with display images on search engines, blogs, and many other websites. Paid ads here ads on the great value being quick in their work. 

Some Important Benefits of PPC.

  1. Position: PPC helps in dominating the customers’ diversion by displaying the ads from the top itself. Most probably we see 4 to 5 ads on desktop and 3 ads on a mobile screen. Even if the person is going on organic results, he or she needs to go through paid ads very first.
  2. Visual Attraction: Sales websites can display ads with images that create visual attraction. Google also provides visual shopping ads where you can list your products. Here your ratings, price, and discounts add on more value.
  3. Quick Speed: Getting in organic results might take months or even years if difficult keywords are targetted. While in the case of PPC or paid adds you can appear in search results.
  4. Measurable: Here the brands or websites are better measurables than organic results. Over here you can customize accordingly whenever you are not getting proper targetted results.
  5. Increases Brand Recognition with Remarketing: Many times a shopper or a surfer visit websites but aren’t sure about products or purchasing it. Thus marketers retarget them through such paid ads on social media, search engines, and many other websites.



Considering all the pointers, today both SEO and PPC have their own importance. PPC could be the perfect digital way of promoting a business, product, offer or anything else that is gonna be present in the market for a limited amount of time. At the same time, SEO is great for business that is in the market for the long term period. Here you need to stay and sustain steady growth in the market or search engine ranking to be seen quickly and be recognized on your required keyword as a reliable brand. So in short, both have their benefits and should be used for different goals specifying on time period and client’s goals.

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A Digital Marketing Enthusiast with knowledge and experience working on SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Content writing and much more. I have been working in the field, learning and exploring for more than 2 years.

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