What is DNS?

Domain Name System or DNS helps to translate domain web addresses to its corresponding IP addresses. When you search the web address or URL a DNS query worked on searches in the DNS records for after which it displays the content from the appropriate IP address which is a string of numbers. Here you just need to have the perfect address after which the system brings out the data present on it.

Benefits of having a Dependable DNS provider:

Better Security:

Today, in the internet market there are several attacks like DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service). Such attacks target networks to crash them and make unavailable for DNS queries. A dependable or reliable DNS service provider is a plus point that secures during such events. It helps with its features like filtering, blocking, adding limitations that directly effects in prevention from such attacks. There are many more problems that might be a threat that needs to be secured. One of such most harmful attacks is known as “DNS cache poisoning” that diverts users to fake or malicious websites by placing false addresses in the records. Here the user or visitor might mistakenly provide the data or security codes which can be misused. Here you can even have multiple DNS servers that can be double security for your website and its users.

Better Scalability:

A website grows with proper optimization and digital marketing services. You need to ensure along with the growth your infrastructure is capable of handling the growing traffic. It is required to pre-plan and work accordingly so the traffic diversion doesn’t seem to be a problem for the website. Thus DNS providers also help with load balancing that reduces the server load during high traffic which is a requirement for stable and rapid growth.

Better Speed and Accessibility:

An improved DNS provider can help reduce the time while looking up DNS queries. Minimal time impacts the website speed which holds the traffic from bouncing off to search engine or wherever it has been driven from. In any case of attacks through proxying traffic through their network, they do assist while blocking DNS queries from hackers.

Support and Maintenance:

Today business owners cannot work on everything by themselves. While maintaining cloud DNS you will regularly have to look for updates, changes and maintaining as per the requirement of the market and website. These problems can easily be worked on by having a dedicated team that keeps a regular check and updates as per the requirements.

Real-time Analytics and Machine Learning:

Real-Time Analytics is something, everyone interested in to know quick about their results or performance and requirements as well. Along with this, today machine learning or business intelligence is also in demand to have the best of all. All of these with the integration of Cloud Computing Services help secure day to day operations from different threats.


Every business’ web services must be available, secure, fast and reliable all the time. A reliable cloud-based DNS provider can help you secure all your business’ online transactions which in the end provides the clients and customers with the best experience when interacting over the internet.

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