Influencer Marketing is a big sector of digital marketing itself today. It is a combination of celebrity endorsements and digital promotions. Here the brand or business collaborate with influencers whom people like to follow, listen to and imitate as well.

Bhuvan Bam Instagram

BB ki Vines or Bhuvan Bam is one of the biggest YouTubers in India and also on a global level today. He has got 16m+ subscribers on YouTube and 8m+ followers on Instagram which rise every day. Today having huge fanbase has created him one of the biggest digital influencers in India. Different brands like Beardo, Mivi, and Lenskart have collaborated with BB to reach these millions of young generation.

Today not just such huge content creators are influencers but also people whom people follow to know about new things or due to their work can be influencers. A tech reviewer is also an influencer with whom a tech brand could target and work along. At the same time, a photographer with a huge following who likes his or her content could also be targetted for photography-related products.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

Builds Trust Value:

Influencers are a motivation who inspires others and people follow them with affection and trust while they believe in their opinions or recommendations to actually benefit or just would go for it because the influencer has said so and using it. Most probably if a product is marketed or promoted by its niche based influencer it has many more benefits. If a well-known tech reviewer adds on good points for any technical product it builds trust value in target customers directly which definitely will hike the sales.

Brand Awareness:

Fans and followers of influencers try to know more about them. Considerably if a product is promoted on its social media platforms, it creates curiosity and talks on social media spreading the brand talks and creating awareness about its products and services. Social media users here begin to know more about the brand and its products resulting in word of mouth through fans. This is one of the most effective marketing techniques on social media as it reaches a huge number of target customers in no time.

Focused on Relevant Customers:

There are different tyoes of influencers on social platforms whom people follow for their recommendations, advice, and reviews. Considering a food blogger can suggest you best places to visit for different cuisines, events and food variety. If a food blogger with a good number of followers or fans showcase your outlet to be best for something this will directly affect your sales with a perfect hike. These followers are actual food lovers who look for the best places which can be your outlet. In the same way, niche-based influencers help the brand reach its target customers in a much better way.

Fills up Content Gap with Variety:

Brands do share the influencer’s content on their account as well which adds on a change in the pattern to create better interest. Also, at this time the brand needs not to work on their regular content creation which saves time and energy which they can plan accordingly for further activities. Also, this can be a backup in case you dont have anything specific to post on social media as per the brand’s timeline.


Trend Setters:

Influencers are not just followed but idolized and imitated as well. The new generation does get to know about new trends in the market through such influencers who in one way are trendsetters. Considering their huge number of followers find them and their way of fashion or dressing interesting which creates a trend and demand in the market for the same.


Influencer Marketing is definitely one of the best marketing technique which in the digital world today. The easy connection to social media platforms creates it more dependable for brands and companies.

With perfect influencers and campaigns, a brand can accelerate your online reach, sales and customer base in a perfect manner resulting in you with growth in business. For the perfect digital plan, you should first consider the best digital marketing services provider for your brand.

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