What are SEO, SMM, and PPC? If you are a business owner you should know and work on it to grow and get the best customers for your products and services while creating a brand identity on digital platforms.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds. Here, we optimize a website with different ways considering majorly categorized as on-page optimization and off-page optimization. We need to work on technical and marketing aspects accurately following the search engine algorithm.
  • SMM or Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is a huge term in digital marketing. From Facebook and Instagram to Tiktok, there are a huge number of platforms which we work on according to the brand, product and target audience.
  • PPC or Pay Per Click: Pay Per Click is paid adds where you are seen very prior for the keyword or keywords you target and every click is charged a certain amount as pre-determined before placing the adds. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engines in which most preferably “Google” is the first go-to place to look for or find products, thoughts, quotes, services, and many more things. A normal person goes to the search bar and types the term or “keyword” that closely or exactly describes what they are searching for. SEO is worked for resulting in a website and their webpages in top results for their most relevant keyword. SEO is a long term process that cannot just result overnight. It is a combination of On-page optimization and Off-page optimization where we work with keywords, links, structure and much more. Working on optimization with proper keyword-based content, images, quick load design and every other feature will help your website move out of google sandbox quickly and rank on a much better position for your target keywords.

Altogether after all working on SEO from every perspective, your website still takes time to get on the start to position due to the competition. Still being in the top pages makes a difference. The more people exit sustain or get their required result from your website, the more you have chances of going on an even better position. Everyone wants to rank first which is not very easy due to the competition as the first result gets 33% of traffic followed by 2nd to get 17% to 18% 3rd result driving 7 to 8% and so on. This is the reason brands work on niche-based keywords or long-tail keywords to be in top positions. The more relevant traffic, more conversion or sales, and better profits. Also, it is not like you just need to work until you reach the target position as due to the competition you need to keep on working on updates for SEO to sustain the rank or gain an even better position.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Today social media has several platforms to engage users of different interests. An average of a person using the internet spends 2 hours and 20 minutes of a day on social media platforms. The easy access and cheaper rates of the internet are boosting the usage of social media in every corner of our globe. The presence of a huge audience on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many others. 

In the case of social media, different audiences are present and active on different platforms according to their niche. You need to define your exact audience as well as their time interval of usage, interest and many more perspectives. Create your presence in an interesting way that catches their eyes and drives their traffic to your profile or website. Simply creating a profile won’t get you what are looking for but strategizing, planning, developing, executing and then promoting would help in social media marketing.

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PPC (Pay Per Click):

PPC is the quickest way of getting results in digital marketing. PPC might seem quick but need to be well worked on before deploying adds. You can build the best website with perfect optimization, content, and graphics but what’s worth if there is no traffic on it. PPC boosts the traffic or number of visitors which can be profitable if well optimized with the most generic helpful keyword. PPC is the most preferable digital marketing tool for 2 things which are a generation of leads and sales acceleration. PPC provides the best results in the 3 things mentioned until the time it is worked. In search engine adds, there are 2 most popular types of paid adds wherein 1st type the advertiser pays for the time interval it is present in a particular position. In 2nd the advertiser needs to pay as per the clicks or visits that happen due to the placed adds on any platform.

The best thing is PPC is you can target the proper audience who are looking for similar or same products with setting the demographics, location, language, interest, and such more preferences. It is not difficult to set adds for PPC but the categorization, time, place, interest, and many more things that need to be worked on before placing an add which makes a difference.


In Digital Marketing we cannot be dependent on one sector to grow but not everything works for every business. We need to research, plan, evaluate and then decide which digital marketing services are the best for a particular business. If you want your website to be seen very first for a long run on any relative search you need to work on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. At the same time if you want a social media presence where people communicate, share, talk and generate interest in your products, you need to work on Social Media Marketing or SMM. The third most important aspect in terms of digital marketing is PPC or Pay Per Click which is most preferable for quick sales or generating leads. 

We hope we might have explained in simple terms how beneficial these three sectors of digital marketing would be for a business. Do comment if any query.

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  1. All of these seems great but I guess there are many more sectors in digital marketing like affiliate marketing, content marketing and much more.

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